What Are Fidget Spinners

How did this start? What exactly are fidget spinners?

Do you constantly tap your legs? Twirl your pen? Pick or bite your nails?  Like many of us, you might be a fidgeter. Don't worry, that is actually a good thing! Studies show that fidgeting as a whole is very productive for the brain. When humans have to deal with complex problems, we tend to distribute some of the mental power we are exerting into motion, AKA, fidgeting!

Fidget spinners are a fun, stress reducing device, similar to the stress ball or worry stone. Unlike other devices meant to relieve stress; the serene spinning sensation you get from each and every Quix Spinner calms the hands and mind simultaneously, allowing your brain to focus on the task you need to devote your full attention too. 

Whether you are working, studying, or binge watching your favorite show, having a Quix Spinner at the tip of your hands is always a great way to keep your mind at ease from distractions!

Quix Spinners was created by a Pennsylvania State University undergraduate student who struggled with focusing in class, and has grown into much, much more. Quix Spinners is now the distributor of 3 different and uniquely amazing manufacturers, each with their own individual strengths and abilities. No matter what your spinner needs or budget are, Quix Spinners has you covered!


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*Warning! Contains small parts that can be a possible choking hazard, not meant for children under the age of 8*