Pocket Pal Spinner

Pocket Pal Spinner

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Time to defeat boredom and increase concentration! The Quix Pocket Pal is here and available at an unbeatable price.


If you constantly click your pen, pick your nails, tap you legs, or fidget in any other way, the Quix Pocket Pal could be the perfect tool to help focus your concentration!

The Quix Pocket Pal Spinner helps improve dexterity and concentration while you're trying to focus (or if you're just bored and want something to keep your hands busy - perfect for the Netflix addict in all of us), and can also help improve anxiety and ADHD. Feel the gyroscopic motion of the spinner as it glides in your hands.


Besides being an awesome spinner, the 6 weighted balls surrounding the Pocket Pal act similarly to a worry stone; they provide a soothing feeling as you roll them between your fingers